Vertical 4 - Pass Thermic Fluid Heater Engineered for Safety

Fuel : Coal, Wood, Lignite, Pet-Coke Fired Capacity up to 40 Lacs

  • Higher Efficiency Through
  • Reduction in excess air
  • Preheating of Combustion air
  • Balance Draught System

A FOUR PASS VTS System is a Forced Circulation Tube type Design in which Thermic Fluid Circulates Under Pressure Through a set of Nested Coils While Induced Draft Combustion Gases Travel Across the Coils. The Hot Gases Envelope the Entire Tube Surface Making Maximum Use of Radiant & Convective Heat to Achieve Maximum Efficiency.

The Selection of Circulation Pump is done in such away so That The Proper Flow Rate & Pressure for each Application can be Received to Optimize Motor Horse Power Required While Maintaining Low Film Temperature to Ensure Longer Fluid Life. Temperature Controllers Monitor The Output Temperature & Regulates The Supply of Air & Fuel to The Furnace to Provide Efficient Combustion of the Fuel.

Safety with Surety
  Abnormal Condition   Safety Action
Coil Chocking
Differential Pressure Switch (DPS) Across System Cuts of The ID Fan Slowing Down Combustion
Thermic Fluid Motor Trip
Electrical Interlock Cust of Fans
Low Thermic Fluid Level in Expansion Tank
Level Switch Actuated at Expansion Tank Cust of The ID Fan / FD Fan
Low Thermic Fluid Flow
Differential Pressure Switch (DPS) Across Intel & Outlet Headers Cuts of The ID Fan Slowing Down Combustion
Power Failure
- Diesel Engine (Optional) Keeps Thermic Fluid Moving to avoid Overheating & Overflow of Oil
- Exhaust with Damper Provided on Furnace to Drive away Hot Gases Directly
Thermic Fluid Temperature High
Digital Temperature Cuts of ID Fan at Set Point
Thermic Fluid System Pressure High Due to System Valves Closure etc.
- Pressure Switch Cuts of ID Fan & Alarm
- Safety Relief Valve (Optional) to be Provided in The System Piping so as to by Pass The Oil